The natural solution... to infection control

With increasing patient levels and shrinking resources today's healthcare facilities are searching for modern solutions to age old problems. Vernacare hears this call for assistance and introduces its state of the art 2000 Disposal Unit to offer you tangible benefits in the safe and efficient disposal of human waste.


The Vernacare System

The Vernacare System's approach to human waste disposal is unmatched. It consists of a specially designed Disposal Unit and a comprehensive range of biodegradable, molded pulp paper products for the collection and disposal of human waste (all made from 100 % recycled newsprint) - including bedpans, urinals, emesis basins, graduates and bowls.
Great care has gone into the overall design of this unique system. The Vernacare System eliminates the unpleasant and hazardous task of rinsing over open sinks and toilets.
After single use by the patient, the
Vernacare pulp product, and contents, is placed in the Disposal Unit and macerated using only cold water and a simple mechanical action. The resultant pulp is then disicharged safely and efficiently into the municipal sewage system. Being totally biodegradable, the products are harmlessly consumed by normal bacteriological action.


Simple to use

Ease of use keeps maintenance to minimum. This point is very apparent on the Vernacare 2000. This unique disposal unit was designed to be user friendly and uncomplicated. The 2000 is as easy to open as a trash can. Simply stepping on the foot pedal releases the lid lock and allows the lid to rise to a 40 degre angle. This offers ample access to the internal hopper, where Vernacare's molded pulp utensils are placed after use.
When the lid is closed, one press of the green START button begins the self completing disposal cycle. At the end of the short 2 minute cycle, the stainless steel hopper is rinsed and is immediately ready for the next use.

With such an easy cycle of operation, the 2000 becomes a valuable timesaving partner for health care professionals. There is little opportunity for misuse and costly repairs!


Simple to maintain

Built-in reliability keeps maintenance to a minimum. The Vernacare 2000 incorporates a state o the art, user-friendly design and modern components. Regularly scheduled maintenance is made quick and easy with a convenient and logical layout of all working parts. Access is unrestricted with the easy removal of the front and side panels.


Each Disposal Unit can be individually programmed to ensure maximum operating efficiency in every ward location.


Each part of the disposal cycle can be individually tested, from checking the lid lock mechanism and the hopper diaphragm to starting the motor and opening the drain.


Provides information on the total number of disposal cycles completed and a complete service history for each Unit.

Unrestricted access, a modern design and easily programmable circuitry leave the Vernacare 2000 unrivaled in the flexibility and level of performance offered to your facility.


Simply eliminates expensive operating costs

The innovative design of the Vernacare 2000 makes it a cost effectivie alternative to traditional methods of washing non-critical hospital utensils.
By using only cold water and a simple mechanical action to quickly dispose of human waste, the 2000 eliminates costly maintenance of steam liner or internal steam generation components.
In addition, if a foreign object is accidentally placed inside this disposal unit, it cannot travel beyond the internal hopper. This reduces costly maintenance and plumbing calls.
Studies have shown that this method of disposal involves minimal energy costs to dispose of several
Vernacare utensils. Compare this to the costs of steam generation, and longer cycles associated with bedpan washers.
Morever, by disposing of
Vernacare's utensils on site, you reduce the costly and time-consuming reprocessing of older plastic and steel utensils, and you elimnate the unpleasant and potentially dangerous task of washing disposable plastics over hopper sinks.
Today's healthcare facilities are continually searching for proven and effective alternative to the status quo,
Vernacare's 2000 offers unparalleled efficiency in the disposal of human waste.


Easy installation

Installation of the Vernacare 2000 Disposal Unit is easy and requires minimal changes to the existing infrastructure.
A width of 30 inches is recommended to ensure adequate clearance for access to the motor assembly. In addition, the Disposal Unit requires a 20 amp dedicated circuit, a 1/2 inch cold water supply and a 2 inch drain connection.
(See above for full specifications.)
The small dimension of the
Vernacare 2000allows it to be installed in the tightest of spaces and the easily removable panels provide ample access to all working compoments. Extension retrofitting and costly hot water or steam connection aren't required when the Vernacare 2000 is chosen to handle your human waste disposal needs.


Specifications and installation instructions

General requirements

The recommended clearances for the Disposal Unit are 3" at the rear and 5" on each side. Less clearance may make maintenance and installation more difficult.



Ensure that the floor area is firm and level. Position Disposal Unit in desired location and line up water and drain lines. Mark the floor at the two mounting holes located at the base of the frame. Pull the machine out from the wall and drill the floor for 3/8" anchor bolts.
Re-position the Disposal Unit and secure to the floor using 3/8" anchor bolts and washers. Connect the water and drain lines and run the electrical supply cable into the Disposal Unit and connect to the terminal block in the electrical box.
Install supply line into Bio-Waste Deodorant bottle and place on the tray. Ensure that the supply line is not binding or tight against any components as it may affect the deodorant level switch operation.



The Disposal Unit is configured for 230 volts at 9,25 amps. The recommended supply is 14 Ga. wire and 20 AMP dedicated breaker.
A disconnect switch should be located on the wall at the rear or side of the Disposal Unit to permit service or emergency shutdown.



The Disposal Unit requires a 1/2" cold water supply line. A shut-off valve should be located close to the machine. A water hammer eliminator is recommended to be installed in the supply line. The drain trap is supplied loose complete with a 3" section of piping to permit adjustments to match the height of the roughed in drain line. The drain should be run to minimize 90 degrees elbows.
A pressure regulator is required where water pressure regularly exceeds 85 psi.


Drain connection

A 2" drain connection is recommended. A flexible adapter coupler is required to connect to the ABS pipe at the unit. Ensure that the waste pipe has adequate pitch (1:25 minimum).
Provide a clean-out to access to the drain downstream from the Disposal Unit. Anti-syphonage precautions should be in line with general procedures and protocols.


  Bearing : Lubricated and sealed for life within motor
  Cabinet : Heavy gauge square section tubinb clad with sound deadening foam and metal panels
  Capacity : Up to 4 Vernacare ustensils. Paper products only
  Hopper : Stainless steel
  Impeller : Stainless steel
  Mechanical Seal : Between motor and impeller
  Motor : 1.5 horsepower, single phase
  Outlet Fitting : 1 1/2" ABS "P" trap
  Outlet Valve : Medium density; abrasion-resistant polyurethane molding
  Overload Protection: Manuel reset thermal cut out
  User Protection : Electrical switch disengages foot pedal during cycle operation. Microswitch prevents operation if lids is open
  Water Inlet : 1/2" pipe feed to rear lower left hand side of machine
  Water Consumption : 6.5 US gallons of cold water per cycle
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